How To Pass A Volleyball Consistently To The Setter At The Net

Learn two passing tips on how to pass a volleyball consistently when you're in serve receive to your setter who needs your help running the offense

Volleyball passing is how you contact the ball with both of your arms held together at the wrists so the ball lands on your forearms which you use to guide it to a specific target, either getting it to another player or to transfer the ball over the net.

Move quickly to beat the ball to where you think its going to land and then try and be stopped before you pass the ball.

Passing the ball is a skill which does take a lot of practice. 

The following information is for you if you are having problems passing and you are a player looking for tips on how to pass a volleyball.

How To Pass A Volleyball 
Stay Low in an Athletic Stance

What is the correct way to pass a volleyball?

One of the best ways you can improve your volleyball passing accuracy when you're in serve receive is to stay in a low body position before and during the performance of the skill.

Whether you are a defensive specialist, a libero or a front row player who has to pass the volleyball alot in serve receive you will increase your chances of getting the ball to your intended target, if you maintain a low position while you are in the process of passing.

Once the referee blows their whistle blows, if you're passing the ball, you shouldn't stand up.

You should keep your knees bent in a loaded position and shoulders leaning forward so they are over your knees so that you can move quickly in any direction in order to receive the serve and pass the ball. 

How Does Staying Low Help You Develop Better Volleyball Passing Accuracy?

Why does this increase your chances of passing a ball accurately to your target?

Well, first


So, if you have a problem with accuracy while you are passing a ball then remind yourself to stay low as the ball crosses the net and travels towards you.

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How To Pass A Volleyball: 
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Resee the Volleybragswag Kangaroo Shirts available now.Resee the Volleybragswag Kangaroo Shirts available now.
Resee the Volleybragswag Kangaroo Shirts available now.Resee the Volleybragswag Kangaroo Shirts available now.