Volleyball Dig Definition Digging Terms Defensive Players Liberos Know

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A Volleyball Dig Definition Guide Of Digging Terms Liberos Should Know

The volleyball dig definition and terms digging, defense, up, tagged, touch, lip, libero, pancake, pepper, roll, six pack, facial, chester, and chicken wing

A dig in volleyball is a defensive technique used by a player to prevent the ball from hitting the court after being attacked by an opponent.

This is usually accomplished by using one's forearms to deflect the ball back into the air, though various other body parts can be used in emergency or last-minute situations.

Volleyball Dig Definition Digging Terms Defensive Players Liberos Know 

  • dig
  • defense touch
  • lip
  • libero
  • pancake
  • pepper
  • roll
  • six pack
  • facial
  • chester
  • chicken wing

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Jacob the hitter spikes while Adlai works on volleyball digging during Breakfast Club class. 


Volleyball digging is what liberos, defensive specialists and six rotation players back court players do to keep the ball off the court floor.

Volleyball Dig Definition 
Formal Digging Terms You Should Know


A libero is an expert in digging, serving, passing and backrow defense.

This player position calls for them to be the one back row player to enter games for a front row player, when that player has to go serve in the backrow without having to be "substituted" in.

The libero's  jersey is always a different color shirt color than her teammates  to make it easier for the ref and officials to differentiate her from her teammates since she only plays in the back row.


A "nice up!" is a great defensive save or dig. 

It's in the same category of phrases or terms describing an incredible volleyball dig,  like the term "nice lip" is.

An "up" comes as a result of a player who is continuously digging volleyball hits, tips and attacks that stay off the floor.

Kenny Makes A Great "Up" During One of Our Volleyball Digging Drills


When a ball "tags" a player it means that they couldn’t get out of the way of a hard hit ball which touched him or her before it landed out of bound.


A "touch" is when a player contacts the ball. 

An example of a  "touch" happens when a player on a team on defense is the last person to voluntarily or involuntarily touch the ball while on defense or while blocking, before it goes out of bounds.

Volleyball Dig Definition: 
Types of Digging Liberos Do When They Have To Hit The Floor


- a method a player uses to complete a defensive dig or save by falling to the ground in a safe manner that allows him/her to get up quickly and continue playing 

We Do Barrel Roll Repetitions in Warmups in Our Boot Camp Classes

Barrel Roll

The barrel roll is the most common "roll" used among elite and collegiate players. 

After taking 2-3 steps to get a ball up thats several feet away from you, you use the momentum to finish your landing on your side and then do a full body roll..also known as a barrel roll...a 360 degree turn while on the ground and then you come to your feet and pop up ready to dig or defend again. 


a dive is a move a player makes to keep from crashing to the floor after contacting the ball in midair in order to keep it off the floor

Carmela Makes A Great Defensive "Up"
and Finishes With A Dive


A sprawl is an emergency digging technique used by a player as a last minute effort to keep the ball off the floor.

The sprawl is used when you don't have time to take a step before dropping your body to the ground to beat the ball to the floor.  

Volleyball Dig Definition
Slang Words Used On The Court

The volleyball slang words listed below have double meanings.

One normal meaning they each have are named after food but the other meaning describes digging actions players used to keep the ball off the court floor during a defensive play.  

The Pepper Volleyball Drill Can Be Done With Two Partners Or Three Players


But pepper in volleyball is a pre-game warm up practice drill used by teammates who partner up and perform all three basic volleyball defense and setting, passing and spiking skills in different combinations.

How does the pepper volleyball drill work?

Players partner up and one will

  • set a ball to their partner then
  • the partner will pass the ball back and then
  • the first partner will control a down ball hit to their partner who
  • control digs a ball back to the partner who starts this pattern again with a set


With a very flat hand well-placed under the ball on the floor, the ball will bounce straight up from your hand, as if it contacted the floor. 

If you have completely extended yourself to get to a ball this is often the only option left to put your hand out, on the floor, so the ball hits it, instead of the floor.

Chicken Wing

In beach volleyball defense, this move is used by a player who uses a bent elbow to defend a hard hit spike that's aimed right at her head and shoulder area.

Usually she will chicken wing a ball because she doesn't have time to get both her arms out to form a platform.

Six Pack

The six pack describes how a player can dig a ball without using their hands.

It means you get hit in the face by a spiker on an opposing team who hit a ball that hit you hard in the face.

A player can be 'six packed' in serve receive by a server on the opposite team with a strong jump serve.

Or they can get 'sixpacked' while on defense and they get hit by a ball attacked by a spiker with a fast arm swing.

Volleyball Dig Definition 
Digging Balls Using Your Face and Other Body Parts


A "facial" is another slang term for a "six pack" when a digger gets a hard attack hit to the face. 


Most commonly "dig lips" or "digging lips" refers to a defensive player who digs a hard hitter more than once in the same play. 

If a teammate says "Nice lips" they mean you did a great job making back-to-back amazing digs in a rally.

Some players who want to compliment a teammate who's digging well say that player is "digging lips".


A "chester" is in the list of vocabulary slang terms in defense used to describe what happens when a player gets nailed in the chest  by a hard spike.

A chester can be a playable ball if it doesn't come to a complete stop on a player's chest. 

Quiz Time! Test Your Skills: Interactive Volleyball Quiz Section

Are you a volleyball enthusiast looking to test your knowledge about one of the sport's most crucial moves - the dig?

Our fun and interactive quizzes are tailor-made just for you!

They are designed to not only test your understanding of the dig but also reveal something about your personality.

Ready to have some fun? Let's find out what kind of volleyball player you are!

1. What is 'Pepper' in volleyball terms?

a) A spicy pepper.
b) A warm-up drill involving setting, passing, and spiking.
c) A dig done with style.

2. Which player is an expert in digging?

a) Spiker
b) Libero
c) Setter

3. Which of these is a method to safely fall to the ground after making a defensive save?

a) Pancake
b) Roll
c) Six Pack

4. When you dig a ball in volleyball, which part of your arms is usually used to contact the ball?

a) Elbows
b) Hands
c) Forearms

5. When a player on the defensive team is the last person to touch the ball before it goes out of bounds, this action is known as a...

a) Touch
b) Lift
c) Carry

6. What does a 'Pancake' in volleyball refer to?

a) A volleyball breakfast meal
b) A dig move where a player makes a flat dive on the floor to save the ball
c) The action of tossing the ball high into the air

7. In volleyball lingo, what does "up" mean?

a) A command for the setter to set the ball higher
b) A great defensive save or dig
c) The action of lifting the ball with two hands

8. If you perform a 'Chicken Wing' in a game, that means you...

a) Did a victory dance after a successful dig
b) Used a bent elbow to defend a ball aimed at your head
c) Made a mistake during a dig

9. What do you call the area on your arms that you use as a platform when you're digging a ball?

a) Wrist
b) Palm
c) Forearm

10. The person who often plays in the backcourt and is an expert in digging is called a....?

a) Setter
b) Libero
c) Spiker

11. What does the term 'Chester' mean in volleyball slang?

a) A specific type of serve
b) Getting hit in the chest by a hard spike
c) A powerful spike

12. Who usually says "nice up!"?

a) The referee
b) The coach
c) Your teammate

Remember, these quizzes are all for fun! There's no need to worry if you find some answers tricky.

The most important thing is to enjoy the challenge and learn more about the wonderful sport of volleyball.

Share your answers with friends and challenge them to beat your score!

Are you ready to dig deep and explore the fun of volleyball?

Let's play!

Quiz Answer Key:

1. b) A warm-up drill involving setting, passing, and spiking.

2. b) Libero

3. b) Roll

4. c) Forearms

5. a) Touch

6. b) A dig move where a player makes a flat dive on the floor to save the ball

7. b) A great defensive save or dig

8. b) Used a bent elbow to defend a ball aimed at your head

9. c) Forearm

10. b) Libero

11. b) Getting hit in the chest by a hard spike

12. c) Your teammate

Remember, whether you answered all correctly or missed a few, the most important thing is that you're learning and having fun!

Share this quiz with your friends and teammates, and see who knows the most about volleyball digs!

Keep practicing and keep digging deeper into the fascinating world of volleyball.

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